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Blue Box Firewall can be setup less than 2 minutes. Simply plug in a an ethernet and power cable, wait for Blue Box Firewall to turn on, and connect your devices!

Absolutely not! Blue Box Firewall was designed to be plug-and-play with a simple app to give you complete control of your network and devices.

You bet. Blue Box Firewall is designed to work with every ISP. Cable, Fiber Optic, Satellite? We got you covered.

No. Your current modem is required to connect to your ISP.

Yes, just plug your router into Blue Box Firewall and connect to it instead. Otherwise, connect to the Blue Box Firewall WiFi.

Everything! Blue Box Firewall protects any networked device: if it connects to the internet – we protect it. Smartphones, tablets, smartTV’s, thermostats, cameras…you name it!

Your Blue Box Firewall subscriptions covers as many devices as you can connect. We think security should be unlimited; covering all networked devices and up to 20 users included in your monthly fee. for an additional monthly charge your Blue Box Firewall can accommodate up to 250 users.

Absolutely. Using OpenVPN, you can create a secure tunnel between your device and Blue Box Firewall. Any data has to pass through Blue Box Firewall first; keeping malicious data out and your personal information safe.

Blue Box Firewall was developed and is wholly owned by BCI Computers, inc. Since 1982, BCI Computers has provided enterprise-level products and services for the small to medium business market.

Nothing, all your data is stored on your local Blue Box Firewall and is for you eyes only!

Ads                                        Sites that serve ads

Alcohol/Tobacco              Alcohol and tobacco

Astrology                             Astrology and various cold reading methods

Blog                                       Blog sites

Business/Service              Business and services including ISP, web hosting, Mobile, Cable, TV

CDN                                       Sites that are hosting content and data for other sites, including images and videos

Car/Vehicle                        Vehicles including cars, boats, planes, bikes

Chat                                       Online chatting or chatting applications

Classified                             Classifieds sites, second hand sales and services

Computer/Technology  General computer and Internet sites, technical information

Cooking/Food                   Cooking, food, restaurants

Crime/Illegal                      Crime instructions or illegal products like fake ID and diplomas

Dating                                   Dating and relationship

Download                           Software download

Drugs                                    Illegal drugs

Education                            Schools, kindergartens, colleges, universities

Entertainment/Arts        Books, comics, movie reviews, actors and models, celebrity gossips, arts, paintings

Fashion/Beauty                Clothing and fashion, life style, beauty, personal care and grooming

File hosting                         Sites that allow users to upload and host files

Finance                                 Bank, insurance, real estate, bitcoin

Forum                                   Forum

Gambling                             Gambling

Game                                    Games and toys including online games

Government                      Government owned sites

Hacking                                Hacking and cracking information

Health/Medical                 Medical and health information sites and online pharmacies

Hobby/Recreation           Hobbies and recreations, pets and animals

Home/Gardening            Home improvements, gardening, decorating and DIY

Hunting/Fishing                Hunting and fishing

Job                                         Job search and offers

Kids                                        Sites for kids

Knowledge                         Science, historical events, person, general knowledge

Learning                               online courses

Legal                                      Lawyer and low firms and legal advice and tips

Military                                 Military sites with .mil or military related

Misc                                       General websites, not porn

Music                                    Music, lyrics, bands, musical instruments and downloading songs/mp3

News/Magazine               News, magazines, weather

Phishing/Malware           Phishing, spam, scam, virus infected sites

Politics                                  Political opinion and news

Porn                                      Pornographic content

Proxy/Anonymizer          Sites that contain proxy information to bypass filtering

Real Estate                         Real Estate

Reference                           Dictionary, map, translation, IP lookup

Religion                                Religious sites including sects and cults

Search Engine                    Search engines

Shopping                             Shopping and online auction

Social Network                 Social networking service

Sports                                   Sports and martial arts

Tracker                                 Tracking user behavior, web analytics

Travel                                    Travel, vacations and holidays

URL Shortener                  URL redirection or shortens

Vehicle                                 Vehicles including cars, boats, planes, bikes

Warez                                   Illegal download sites or torrents

Weapon                               Selling or talking about weapons including guns, knives

Webmail                              Webmail service

Ad-remove                         Remove ads from pages


Blue Box Firewall is a NG UTM firewall. It combines all the leading forms of protection found in top security appliances to create a comprehensive security network. Computer and router firewalls use basic filtering rules to say “yes” or “no” to data; regardless of it’s composition. Malicious data hiding on safe sites or disguising itself will pass right through to your devices.

Next Generation (NG) Firewalls use Deep Packet Inspection and Intrusion Prevention to do advanced filtering of the data leaving and entering the data. Rather than block information by it’s source or destination, these new firewalls analyze the actual data – comparing it to a database of malicious data to see if it matches. This blocks threats that hide inside of safe websites or mask their appearance to try to infect your devices.

Blue Box Firewall is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) device. It scans all the data entering and leaving your network. It analyzes websites you visit based on their category and cross-references them with a list of known malicious sites. Any attempts to penetrate your network are detection by our Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). The system is constantly updated throughout the day – ensuring even the newest threats are stopped dead in their tracks.


In fact, it’s both. Blue Box Firewall combines top Firewall and Wireless hardware to give you comprehensive network security at industry-leading wireless speeds.

Blue Box Firewall has 4×4 MIMO technology – giving you 8 channels of wireless traffic shared across four antennas. This means each antenna can transmit and receive data at the same time. This results in faster WiFi speeds and less congestion for all your devices.

Blue Box Firewall supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels. 5GHz channels are faster, but do waves penetrate less and travel farther when compared to the 2.4GHz channel. We offer both to provide you a tailored WiFi experience.

Web Filter

Other parental controls are “all or nothing”. Blue Box Firewall is the only parental control system in the world that lets you define a filtering level for each user/device on the network.

You bet. Blue Box Firewall uses machine learning to analyze websites in real-time. In the time it takes to load a website Blue Box Firewall analyzes the page, categorizes it, and applies filtering rules to it. We like to think smarter, not harder.

Not at all. The Blue Box Firewall Web Filter lets you set filtering schedules and even temporarily pause the internet for both your individual users and the entire network.


A VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network, allows your devices to access the internet by first connecting to your Blue Box Firewall using SSL encryption. This secure connection gives you the same protection you have at home, anywhere in the world.

A VPN protects your data using encryption. Encryptions scrambles up your data into an unreadable format; even if it were stolen it would be impossible to turn it back into something legible. This means all your personal information travels in a secure format from your device to your intended destination.

When you turn on Blue Box Firewall, the VPN is already set up. All you need to do is download OpenVPN,  go to the Blue Box Firewall web app, and download the VPN configuration profile. This profile will connect you automatically to the VPN – hassle free.

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