Security problems solved.

Wi-Fi problems gone.

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Simple Setup:

Network Security made easy, Download Blue Box Firewall Connect app or simply navigate to our web app from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, you name it) to create your account and get started.

It’s easy; you can choose to follow our preset guidelines or customize your device exactly how you want.

Not easy enough?

Just plug in the Ethernet and power cable and we’ll take it from there.

Control at your fingertips:

Have you ever wondered what was really happening on your network?

  • View your insights and see who’s on your network and what they’re doing.
  • Customize your own web filter and track how many intrusions have been prevented.
  • You can even pause the internet and set time restrictions per user (hello family time).

Not enough tech?

We have advanced features like port forwarding available for you.

Next Generation Protection:

Every second of a day, your personal or confidential information will move throughout your network. We respect your data, so we don’t keep any of it.

NG UTM Firewall?

No, we didn’t smash our head on the keyboard, it means Next Generation, Unified Threat Management, Firewall. Basically, this means that we can inspect every piece of data travelling across your network to keep you safe – even after you click on one of those weird looking links in your email promising you a free cruise.

The secret?

Deep packet inspection:

  • Deep packet inspection, or “DPI” as the cool kids say, examines each packet of data for viruses and malware, malicious content, known attack methods and more.
  • We accomplish all of this without slowing your network down.
  • To keep ahead of hackers, we push updates to your devices all day, every day.
Network Security

Web Filtering:

Web filtering gives you control of the internet by allowing you to block websites by their name, category, or even content. Traditionally, these web filters were only as good as their lists; a list of known websites and their associated URLS. Even the best web filters are all-or-nothing, blocking or unblocking websites for everyone on the network. We, however, like to have our cake and eat it too.


Our web filter lets you customize the internet; giving each person a tailored experience where they see only the sites they should. And with nearly 200,000 websites being launched every single day, you might be wondering how a list can keep up. We use machine learning to scan and categorize websites automatically based on their content. You can choose different levels of filters or customize personally.

Going the extra mile, we also include a Local DNS Cache to reduce request time and improve your network speed.

Security on-the-go:

With today’s technology, we’re able to work anywhere and anytime. Accessing data, creating spreadsheets, and even filing our taxes as long as there’s Wi-Fi. When you’re connecting at a local coffee shop or to other public Wi-Fi hotspots, you’ve opened a door for hackers to infect your machine.

Hackers can:

  • Track what you are typing
  • Access your webcam
  • Steal your information and even hold it for ransom.


With Blue Box, we provide VPN services. A VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network, allows your devices to access the internet by first connecting to your Blue Box Firewall using SSL encryption. This secure connection gives you the same protection you have at the office even while you are on-the-go.

Sharing & Caring:

It’s an event day in your office and you expectmany officials to attend. They need your Wi-Fi password and you give them access.

What happens without Blue Box?

Not only you have to waste the time to read off the 16-digit alphanumeric password from a crumpled-up paper in the drawer, but you unknowingly permits your guests phone – along with any viruses on it – into your network.

But with Blue Box…

A single tap of a button in our web app, grants access to your guests easily & securely. A message will be sent to them with the info needed to join the “Guest network”. Not only does this protect your devices, but you can set restrictions on what your guests can access.

Faster and farther Wi-Fi:

The only thing that is worse than not having Wi-Fi…is slow Wi-Fi. One second you’re busy in developing an important project and need help of your colleague but it’s stuck loading; all because you moved to other block of office along with your laptop to discuss the issue with your colleague. Stop compromising for the wireless speeds of your ISP’s router and get back to streaming with the help of Blue Box.


With AC speeds nearing 1200Mbps and a range that could make your current router cry. Blue Box’s industry-leading Wi-Fi is paving the way for wireless solutions. When one box isn’t enough, feel free to pair another 24 Access Points (units) and boost your range far enough to give your whole neighborhood Wi-Fi. Did we mention we like Wi-Fi?