About Us

Blue Box firewall is a subsidiary of BCI Computers based out of West Warwick, Rhode Island that is bringing enterprise level security and Wi-Fi to the business and home networks.

Since 1982, BCI Computers has provided enterprise-level products and services for the small to medium business market. At its beginning, BCI Computers built and sold their own systems: running CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) and later running MS-DOS. These systems were affordable and technical powerhouses of their generation. Work at this time included partnerships with IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, and many other tech giants. In addition, BCI computers was one of the top resellers of AT&T and Lotus software and systems. Raymond Calore, President of BCI Computers, used work he completed for the United States Navy DEFCON system and other jobs to create an efficient, powerful computer company.

A large demand from BCI Computers customers that use our enterprise security solutions wanted an all-in-one security solution for not just their office but their home and family. Our homes are no longer just one router and a computer in the kitchen, each family member has multiple devices, when used at the same time decrease bandwidth significantly and create points of entry for an intruder. Not just the data on these devices are valuable but the activity done on them is even more valuable. We don’t just stream movies at home, what about the online banking, the business plan you have been writing, family photos, sensitive work documents and much more. Data is one thing being locked out of these devices or even your home for ransom can be even worse that is why we created Blue Box Firewall.

We intend to give peace of mind and better Wi-Fi to every family in America.

Your Security. Everywhere.

We are Blue Box Firewall.