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Blue Box Firewall is the world’s first enterprise-level CyberSecurity and Gigabit Wi-Fi solution for your organization.  An affordable, proactive solution to protect you against Malware, Ransomware and Phishing attacks.


One Blue Box will secure all of your devices for your organization and on-the-go while enabling you to limit access, stay-up-to-date with the latest protection & stay secure wherever you choose to video chat, get work done, or just stream your favorite TV show.

Your network isn’t safe!

Computer antivirus software is retroactive; it removes an infection only after it’s detected. Phones and tablets, along with other smart devices like webcams and thermostats, have little to no security. This gaping hole in an already vulnerable network puts your personal and confidential information at risk. Even worse, the traditional network is like an open door; allowing anything and anyone inside.

The traditional approach to this problem involves purchasing the devices that costs thousands of dollars and requires hundreds of hours of training to configure.

  • Painful configuration.
  • Prone to Threats & Vulnerabilities.
  • Poor Wi-Fi.
  • Expensive.
  • Troublesome maintenance.

The modern network needs an easy and affordable solution. Blue Box is the solution that you need to ensure your security. One Blue Box can bring a great change to your daily business operations.

A proactive approach

With Blue Box, threats are identified and blocked before they enter your network. Combined malware protection and deep packet inspection ensures the highest level of network security. Websites are analyzed and filtered based on their content. Guests have their own separate network; eliminating the risk of infection across devices.


With a simple setup, all the devices on you’re network are monitored and protected. An intuitive user interface makes Blue Box easy to configure.

  • No more vulnerabilities.
  • Your security, everywhere.
  • Faster Wi-Fi.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Cost effective.

Secure WiFi: faster and farther

As the number of wireless smart devices increases, the amount of high-speed bandwidth from your router decreases. This means less streaming, less gaming, and more waiting.


Utilizing dual-band 4×4 MIMO technology, Blue Box provides your network with up to 1200Mbps speeds and a range increase of up to 35% farther than the standard router. For larger networks, Blue Box can synchronize with up to 24 Wireless Access Points (units) and completely eliminate your dead zones.

 Next-generation protection 

Blue Box protects you from viruses, malware, and hackers in real-time. This next-generation firewall uses deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention systems to keep you protected in the modern age.

  Web filtering made easy 

With just a few taps you can set up access schedules, pause the internet, or even block websites based on their content. Blue Box lets you set different access levels based on content categories; giving you control of the internet you and others can see.

 The cutting-edge, daily 

Automatically updating with the newest features, your Blue Box will evolve and adapt to the ever-changing technological world. Security updates happen all-day, everyday; let us handle that.

Network Security

 Sharing AND caring

With a tap of a button send out your Wi-Fi password to your guests for their own network. No more “all or nothing”, your guests have their own network and have zero access to your personal data.

 Security on-the-go (using VPN)

Even when you’re away, browsing the internet through a public network is no longer unsecure; your data travels through Blue Box first. Security no longer ends at the front door.

 Simple set up

No computer degree required – We Promise. Plug a network cable and a power cable into Blue Box,  customize your networks with a device of your choice and that’s it! Enterprise-level security at your fingertips.